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Where the Path Began - Our Story

Where the Path Began -  Our Story

March 25, 2024

Many years ago, I embarked on a new spiritual journey, seeking a path that resonated with my soul and honored my ancestral heritage. Growing up in the deep South as an African American woman, I found myself longing for a spirituality that acknowledged my divine nature, honored the Earth's natural cycles, and celebrated the diverse tapestry of my heritage. It wasn't until I discovered African Traditional Religions (ATRs) that I felt a deep sense of connection and resonance with my spiritual practice.

As I delved deeper into my studies and began to incorporate spiritual practices into my daily life, I encountered a significant challenge – the scarcity of quality, intentional products to support my journey. Despite scouring local botanicas and spiritual shops, I struggled to find items that reflected the care and reverence I wished to infuse into my spiritual materials. This struggle was not unique to me; I discovered many healers and artists like myself navigating the same challenges, grappling with closed doors, confusing messages, and frustration in their quest for spiritual tools.

Driven by a desire to bridge this gap and provide fellow seekers with the resources they needed to embark on their spiritual journey with intention and authenticity, Taluleh O. was born. Founded in my garage in Cibolo, TX, Taluleh O. is more than just a business; it is a labor of love, a tribute to the wisdom and traditions passed down through generations of my ancestors.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet profound – to create and curate candles and spiritual products that empower individuals on their spiritual journey, regardless of where it may lead them. Rooted in the rich spiritual heritage of African and African American traditions, our products are crafted with care and intention, designed to elevate your altar and amplify your spiritual practice.

Our Calling:

We do not seek to prescribe a specific spiritual path; instead, we celebrate the diversity of spiritual traditions and practices that enrich our collective journey. Drawing inspiration from traditional African and African American spiritual practices, as well as other non-traditional paths such as ancestral veneration, folk magic, rootwork, and conjure, we strive to honor the beautifully diverse cultures that contribute to our rich history and spiritual tapestry.

Our Materials:

At Taluleh O., we believe in the power of intention and the sacredness of the materials we use. Our products are crafted with ingredients sourced from my garden and locally when necessary, ensuring that each item is infused with the energy of the Earth and set with specific intentions and purpose. From our hand-poured candles to our carefully curated curios and stones, each element is thoughtfully selected and meticulously crafted to provide a curated and personal experience that will enhance your spiritual practice.

Join us on this sacred journey as we honor our heritage, celebrate our diversity, and empower one another on the path of spiritual growth and transformation.


Welcome to the path, where the magic of tradition meets the power of intention.


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