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New to the Apothecary

New to the Apothecary

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In the enchanting folklore of the Deep South, bottle trees stand tall tinkling gin the breeze, each one weaving a spell of protection and ready to capture malevolent spirits. These whimsical yet potent talismans have long been fixtures in the yards and doorways of Southern homes, their presence an age-old tradition steeped in magic and mystery.

At Taluleh Ohoyo, we've captured the essence of this ancient practice in our latest offering: Bottle Tree Bracelets. Crafted with care and imbued with intention, these bracelets bring the power of protection wherever you go, allowing you to carry the spirit of the bottle tree with you throughout your day.

Made for Protection  On the Go

Picture yourself adorned with vibrant bracelets, each one a beacon of protection against envy and harm. Our Bottle Tree Bracelets are not only symbols of tradition but also practical tools for safeguarding your spiritual well-being. Whether you're navigating the bustling city streets or venturing into the wilderness, let these bracelets serve as your steadfast guardians.

A Fusion of Heritage and Craftsmanship

Our commitment to sustainability and cultural authenticity shines through in every aspect of these bracelets. The recycled glass beads, sourced from the coastal shores of Ghana, carry with them a history of resilience and renewal. Blessed and cleansed before being strung onto flexible elastic, each bead embodies the union of ancestral wisdom and contemporary craftsmanship.

Adding to their allure is the exquisite metal bead, cast in the likeness of the traditional "Baule sun" from the Ivory Coast. These handcrafted treasures pay homage to the rich artistic legacy of West Africa, infusing the bracelets with a touch of timeless elegance.

Tailored to You

Just like the diverse tapestry of Southern culture, our Bottle Tree Bracelets come in a variety of brilliant colors. We also use high grade elastic ensuring that everyone can experience their protective embrace. For those seeking a more personalized fit, we offer custom sizing options upon request. Embrace the unique character of each bead, knowing that no two bracelets are exactly alike.

Limited Edition, Infinite Charm

As with all treasures, these bracelets are not to be missed. Our Bottle Tree Bracelets are part of a limited-edition collection with colors changing with the seasons, ensuring that yours will be an exclusive luxury. Seize the opportunity to make these enchanting accessories your own, before they disappear into the annals of the Taluleh O. design book.

Join Us on this Spiritual Journey

We invite you on a journey with us. Connect with us on Instagram @talulehohoyo to discover more about our inspirations, our craftsmanship, and the stories behind our creations. May these bracelets serve as talismans of strength and resilience, guiding you through life's twists and turns with grace and steadfastness.


The Taluleh Ohoyo Team

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