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Our Story

Our Story

A many years ago, I found myself beginning a new spiritual path. Like many, the religious upbringing I was taught was powerful and unique but lacked traditions drawn from my ancestral heritage. I was longing for a way that genuinely recognized my divine nature as a woman, honored the natural cycle of the Earth, and connected to my diverse heritage. Once I began to explore ATR's (African Traditional Religions), as an African American woman from the deep South, I found a spiritual path that resonated with my soul.

As I settled in to study & practice. I quickly became aware of the struggle to find well made, intentional items to incorporate into my practice. I scoured my local Botanicas and the few local "spiritual shops" in town to find things for my work. The products I found did not reflect the quality and care I wanted to devote to my spiritual materials. I quickly found that I was not alone. I continue to meet healers and artists like myself, stumbling in the dark, trying to find the tools and support needed to begin our spiritual journey. There can be so many closed doors, confusing messages, and frustration.

My spiritual journey is still very much a process, and at Taluleh Ohoyo, we celebrate the walk and the destination. We believe that both the path and the destination together lead us to serve a higher purpose. My higher purpose is using my talents in the garden and the wax to bring you tools for your practice filled with power, intention & gratitude for those that came before us.

Our Mission

Taluleh Ohoyo was born, like many companies, in my garage in Cibolo, TX, but it incorporates the love, learning, and devotion of generations of my ancestors. It has been my way of reclaiming and honoring my cultural heritage. Taluleh Ohoyo is a name with Choctaw roots that describes a wise woman who comes from leaping waters. Our logo, a turquoise skull, honors the power of reclaiming our spiritual and cultural heritage through communicating and sharing our spiritual traditions.

Our mission is to make and curate candles and spiritual products that allow you to make the most of your journey, no matter where it takes you. We hope that along the way, you learn to appreciate the various crafts, traditions, and heritage of the people of the diaspora and beyond.

Our Calling

It is not our goal to prescribe a particular path, but to celebrate the journey. We are inspired by and take many aspects of traditional African and African American spiritual heritage and beliefs from our practice to make exceptional products for your home. I also explore other non-traditional spiritual paths such as ancestral veneration, folk magic, rootwork, and conjure. I desire to show just a small glimpse of the beautifully diverse culture that shares our rich history and pushes this work forward in our community.

Our Materials

At Tululeh Ohoyo, our products are grown in my garden and, when necessary, locally sourced. Our included curios and stones are responsibly sourced and set with specific intentions and power. These elements are brought together and made into refined products that provide a curated and personal experience that will elevate your altar and work. We hope to see you on the path.