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Luxe Ritual Box - Protected

Product Description


Our luxurious ritual boxes contain a curated selection of products and are made with a specific condition or intention in mind. Each product is made to work with each other to achieve a powerful start to connecting with your ancestors. We feature ritual bath salts from The Gilded Apsara, featuring our candles in a limited edition votive set for your bath in this ritual kit!


The Protected box is designed to help you focus on the protection of your personal and sacred space. On any path you follow, protection is an act of love. Keeping ourselves, our power, and intentions safe allows us to be our best intentional self without fear.

Bye Bye Evil Eye (4 oz.) Mini Spell Jar  Candle + Incantation

This candle will help you battle your adversaries and protect your sacred space. Black Tourmaline banishes evil spirits, negative energy & negative thoughts. Orris root provides protection, enhances your visionary power & diffuses anxiety so that you project power. Evil Eye glass beads ward off the jealous, evil eye of your adversaries.

Set your intentions as it burns, and then repurpose the jar for power spells and spiritual work. Store your crystals or use this powerful ase on your ancestor altar to hold spirit water or other offerings.

Reverence (2 oz.) Ritual Bath Votive Set (2) + Incantation

A Taluleh Ohoyo original in an exclusive size is only available in the Luxe Ritual Box. Light this pair of sacred flames, open your spirit & show reverence to Spirit. Turquoise prepares you to receive wisdom & attunement. Palo Santo opens the door to higher spirituality & promotes positive energy. Howlite channels calm, creativity, & focus, allowing you to put things where they belong. Dried hand-ground hyssop opens & connects you with your higher being.

Ritual Bath Salts – Protected  (4 oz.) -  in collaboration with The Gilded Apsara


The Gilded Apsara is a gifted Tarot Reader and spiritual consultant specializing in healing & thriving after domestic abuse. Her blend of sea salts, botanical & essential oils enhances the ritual of a sacred bath. This mix is perfect for concentrating & channeling your intention to manifest a safe and sacred space around you and repel negative energy. This mix can be added to your bath or used as a luxurious limpia. Add your ritual bath votives for a genuinely immersive ritual bath experience. Find out how to incorporate tarot into your journey @thegildedapsara.

Fine Raw Butters  – Whipped Shea Butter - Bye Bye Evil Eye (4 oz.)


Our un-refined raw butters are made with ethically sourced unrefined shea butter from Ghana. Shea butter has impressive natural properties that support anti-aging & fight breakouts. It also is a healing powerhouse that can heal cuts & scrapes.  We then add Coconut, Jojoba, and Vitamin E Oils to support the treatment of several skin conditions, including eczema, and support moisture retention. Bye Bye Evil Eye Fine Raw Butter is also mixed with Obeah Conjure Oil and the scent of White Sage & Lavender essential oils. A must for any seeking protection and luxury.

Bye Evil Eye – Moonstone Evil Eye Amulet Earrings- one pair

These are a must repelling the haters.  Jealousy and envy exist, but they don’t have to live on your level. These eye-catching (pun intended) beauties are made of moonstone and beautiful glass evil amulets. Moonstone uses the moon's magical draw and ebb to awaken your intuition and insight, allowing you better awareness of the intentions around you. Channel this power of the moon cycle to create awareness of your sacred person and space to better protect yourself.

A Statement to Our Customers:

To accord with all State and Federal Laws, please be advised that Taluleh Ohoyo can make no claims of supernatural or therapeutic effects or powers of any of the items listed in this shop. The correspondences, information, and forces are gathered from our ancestors, books, and local folklore. Included with each product are suggestions. You provide the ase and power!






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