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Mala with Beaded Tassel - Carnelian

Product Description

Malas are traditional meditation tools that are also worn as a spiritual adornment. Each mala is hand-knotted and includes 108 mantra beads to set and focus your intentions. It is understood in the Tibetan culture that the number 9 is a form of completion and protection. By adding 108 together to get a single digit, 9. When contemplating the individual numbers, they represent a singular thing, nothing, and everything (or infinity.) Our curated hand-knotted malas are made from quality 8mm gemstone beads, including a large guru bead with imprinted chants. Each mala is approximately 21 inches long.

Of course, our malas come in a range of options. When in doubt in selecting a handcrafted mala, bracelet, or another piece of jewelry, inquire within, “Which stone feels right? Which stone makes me happy? Which stone draws my heart in?” Listening to our internal compass and guidance is one of the first steps to awakening your awareness. Give it a try!



Carnelian is a fiery orange-red stone with deep, supportive energy. It is also traditionally used to activate the root and sacral chakras. It is often said that “a tree without deep roots will fall over when strong winds blow.” Wearing Carnelian is a way to prevent that type of disconnection. It can be a subtle source of grounding and stability when worn to strengthen  our energy at the root and sacral chakras. As we become grounded in the physical, this stone helps to promote a life of action and progress toward one’s goals.  In this respect, it can remove apathy and is, therefore, a motivating stone.

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