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Dabobo - Hematite & Abalone Shell Earrings

Product Description


These hand-crafted earrings are potent protection. With these mesmerizing earrings, you will become dabobo, or protected. Hematite provides alignment and balances our natural polar energies. It is also a grounding stone that firmly connects us here on the physical plane. This is a must for those who need focus and are frequently in contact with others via technology. It is also a healing stone that can replenish as it restores balance.

These beauties are a deep gray with a metallic luster that evokes the depths of the universe. The leaves carved from abalone shells catch the light to add a shimmer to your look.    

Each set of earrings is 2 inches long. These are small-batch, curated series with stones ethically sourced. Each set weighs approximately 1.0 oz. (This item is not customizable.) 

Maximum quantity available reached.

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