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Entice-Ritual Bath Candle Set (Luxe Bath Salt Upgrade Available)

Product Description


This powerful attraction spell comes with a warning. Do you truly want the eternal, faithful love of your intended or just their lust? Be sure because this attraction spell will deliver the unbound love and desire of your intended. The scent of Pomegranate +Clover + Honey centers your intentions on the intense attraction of genuine passion and love. Carnelian + Rose Quartz amplify your power to maintain this attraction and make an excellent love talisman after your burn. 


Ritual Candle Set + Luxe Bath Salt Option

The new ritual candles arrive as a set of two votives. Upgrade your experience by adding the Entice Luxe Bath Salts. This set is perfect for hosting a ritual cleansing before any spell. This blend of sea salts, botanical & essential oils enhances the ritual of a sacred bath. The blend includes our signature Entice herbal blend, Come to Me Oil, Love Me Oil and includes a polished Carnelian for your bath. 

This mix is perfect for attaining a connection with & channeling your sacred divine power. Use this bath to prepare for a passionate encounter with yourself, your partner, or before intentional love work. This mix can be added to your bath or used as a luxurious limpia. Add your ritual bath votives for a genuinely immersive ritual bath experience.

 A Statement to Our Customers: To accord with all State and Federal Laws, please be advised that Taluleh Ohoyo can make no claims of supernatural or therapeutic effects or powers of any of the items listed in this shop. The correspondences, information, and forces are gathered from our ancestors, books, and local folklore. Included with each product are suggestions. You provide the ase and power!

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