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Bottle Bottle Tree Bracelets - T.O. Turquoise & Mandarin with Large & Small Metal Baule Suns

Product Description


Bottle trees are long-held protection magic from the Deep South. If you visit a local Hoodoo you may hear the tinkling of bottles swinging for the trees. The bottles are collected and hung in yards and doorways to catch lost, wayward souls looking to cause mischief. These bracelets are used to take this protection on the go. Add these to your ritual to protect yourself from those who envy you or wish you harm.

I love to wear these colorful bracelets in Spring & Summer as they catch the light and serve as a beautiful source of spiritual protection.


My Bottle Tree bracelets are made from recycled glass collected from the coast of Ghana. The beads are cleaned and blessed before being strung on flexible elastic. These bracelets celebrate the connection between our rich, Southern heritage and ancestral roots. 

The unique and beautiful metal bead is hand cast in the design of the traditional "Baule sun" from the Ivory Coast. Increasingly difficult to find, Baule (also known as Baoule) tribal beads are some of the most unique casted beads from West Africa.


As with most of our elastic gemstone bracelets, one size fits most. If you are interested in custom sizing, please contact us via direct message on Instagram @talulehohoyo.  (As with all hand-crafted beads the length may vary due to the unique character of each bead.)


Items, pieces, or components of this product are exclusive and have limited availability. Purchase while you can! 


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