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Sàfẹ́rí - Carnelian Drop Earrings

Product Description

Carnelian Drop Earrings


You will be yearning for this hand-crafted bracelet. The beautiful & fiery Carnelian harnesses the pure power of passion. This crimson and cream stone strengthens the voice, lends courage and eloquence.  It destroys self-doubt and protects the wearer against enchantment veils your thoughts from prying tried eyes.  This bracelet can be used to channel the planetary powers of the Sun and Fire elements during your rituals. Along with fostering confidence, it also builds sexual energy and is perfect for attraction and love work. You can see why this bold piece heats up any look.

This beauty will not get lost in the moment.  The fiery red-orange stone is a form of chalcedony, a beautiful choice presented in a versatile, bold pair of earrings.  

Each set of earrings is 2.75 inches. These are small-batch, curated earrings with stones ethically sourced. Each set weighs approximately 1.3 oz, and each stone is, on average, .75 inches long. (This item is not customizable.) 

Maximum quantity available reached.

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