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Cherry Bomb - Cherry Quartz - 10mm

Product Description


Cherry Quartz is not our typical item. This stone is man-made, however it has an established place in the crystal community. Cherry Quartz is a powerful stone that is used to encourage vitality & belonging. This piece will allow you to build your confidence and open you up for new friendships and new experiences. 

This piece is essential for those who struggle with social anxiety and new experiences. It is a way to remind you to look for the potential and vitality that meaningful connections can have in your life. This gemstone is perfect for BFFs, siblings, and co-conspirators.   

Sizes are based on wrist size. If you are unsure select Custom AND add your wrist measurement to the notes section. 

Elevate Your Energy and Style

Introducing our Luxe AAA Gemstone Bracelets, where luxury meets spirituality. Crafted with the finest gemstones from around the globe and adorned with hand-selected charms, these bracelets are more than just accessories—they are powerful tools for your spiritual journey.

Unparalleled Quality

Each bracelet is meticulously crafted and can be custom fit for you. Our stones are hand-selected, and every charm is hand-curated. Picking the best allows us to provide exceptional clarity, vibrant colors, and superior energy, ensuring you receive aesthetic beauty and spiritual potency.

Hand-Selected Charms

Every charm on our bracelets is selected with intention and care, adding meaning and elegance to each piece. These charms enhance the bracelet’s visual appeal and amplify its spiritual benefits, making each bracelet a unique spiritual tool. Some charms are made in limited supply, so we reserve the right to adjust an order if the highest quality items are no longer available. 


Maximum quantity available reached.

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