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Omi Okun - Amazonite Chunky Stacker

Product Description


I named these pieces after the depths of the sea. The beautiful, translucent blue is feathered with delicate veins of white glinting like light off of water. This beauty will not get lost in the moment.  The ethereal bluish-green stone is feldspar is a beautiful choice presented in a versatile, chunky, and stretchy bracelet perfect for getaways. 

This bracelet harnesses the power of optimism, luck & success. Amazonite is considered lucky and can be utilized by any who seeks success while taking risks. This bracelet can be used to channel the Earth element, which is helpful for grounding and stability. Along with fostering confidence, it also builds strength and the ability to communicate your authentic self effectively. You can see why this stone is a powerhouse when it comes to preparing your crown for success! 

Each bracelet varies in length from 7-7.5 inches. This is a small batch, curated series with stones ethically sourced. Each weighs approximately 2.3 oz, and each stone is, on average, .5 inches long. (This item is not customizable.) 


Maximum quantity available reached.

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