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Candle Setting Services


Candle Setting Services are a time-honored tradition in Hoodoo and can add power to your individual spiritual work. They are also useful for those who may want to conceal or cannot host their candle-setting ritual at home.


This traditional method uses the power of prayer and intercession to power your work. It also provides a professional practitioner to work your candle and provide a concise burn report or video with recommendations for your future work. 

We have multiple options to fit your needs:

Candle Setting Service - can be purchased as a stand-alone service and a Taluleh Ohoyo candle will be burned on your behalf on one of our many condition altars for 1, 3, or 6 months. Candle Burn Reports are provided for this service and are sent one week after your candle has expired. You do not receive a candle with this service but can request a report, or

Personal Candle Service Upgrade -  This is a separate upgrade to your candle order that you can have performed in partnership with your ritual at home and includes a 10-15 min candle interpretation video. You do receive a candle with the service AND a candle is burned on our altar, or 

Community Candle Services  – are hosted monthly around a central theme via Google Meets and/or Zoom. We host a 45 min service with candles available for purchase prior to each event. We host services on or near the full moon of each month.

Candle Setting Services

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