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Call in Your Abundance

Call in Your Abundance

Harvest is a time to celebrate and show gratitude for the abundance of the season. It is also a time to slow our rhythms, watch the long days shorten, and regain some well-needed rest and reflection.

 This candle is a beautiful way to indulge yourself. Your experience begins with the rich golden scent of Honey topped with a hint of Bergamot. Amber and Coriander blend with Tonka Bean & Oud to create a truly luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in any room. This candle is recommended for your bedroom, living areas, or gathering spaces.

 Fired by local artisans, the clay vessel features a beautiful hand-painted flower. The bowl is designed to be repurposed for your altar or home after your candle is complete. This popular candle is 8 oz. and is available with a triple wooden or traditional wick.

 We make our candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality burn. Each is made with organic, clean-burning Soy wax. A candle information card is included to assist you in achieving the best burn.


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  • Andreana Anderson