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Boundaries Are a Spell, Too

Boundaries Are a Spell, Too


Be aware, my people! Unresolved generational issues can impact your family life today! Setting boundaries is the best foundation for your protection work.

It is not enough to be spiritually sound in your own home. Eventually, old resentment, self-critical thinking, and manipulation can enter.  Many times it is carried into our homes on the backs of the ones we love the most.

It can be hard to separate your needs from a storyline that has been ingrained for years. You know the ones…family comes first before your relationship, we always do it this way, why are you turning away from us, honor your ‘full in the blank.’

No one tells us that we cannot take care of others if we are not whole and taking care of ourselves. You cannot be your authentic self if you are never allowed to grow from where you “came from.” Clear communication of needs and boundaries is how this happens.  However, most discord in the home occurs when one cannot liberate themselves from the fear of doing so.

Who knows? Your healing may even bring a little insight and conversation to the table or not. You get to choose.  

Either way, you will never be unfulfilled one second while living your authentic life, but you can be unhappy for eternity trying to live up to unrealistic and toxic expectations.

If you needed to hear this today, know that there are others in the struggle with you! Also, know that you can protect yourself if others cannot respect your boundaries. That is the tremendous power of the magic wield, and we have every right to use it. If you are in a healthy, spiritually balanced home, make sure that others respect your sacred space.

Hold onto your boundaries and begin to understand how to use protective magic to protect against discord in your home. Protect your peace!

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  • Andreana Anderson